Monday, 20 May 2013

The Peace Bridge Tapestry Design

This design for the Peace Bridge was the first to be created. Inspiration came from childhood memories of Derry: of steep hills running down to the river and of roads winding under arches, through gates and around walls.  This theme of winding roads and encircling walls is echoed in the iconic sweep of the Peace Bridge and was used for the first in our series of seven tapestry designs.  The tapestry will be worked in shades of blue, the colour of peace.  The bridge is alluded to by off-setting dark and light to create the elegant curves.  A flash of orange-yellow represents the base of the pylons and plays against the blues to help the tapestry sing. Colmcille/Columba  is represented as the Dove of the Church flying over the bridge and so completes the theme of 'Peace' for this tapestry.

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